my three muses…

mythreemusesThey sit at my desk, atop my printer: Ichigo, Mustang and Edward, “my three muses” – bringing me inspiration, courage and a bit of luck!


sketching the dream…

What started out as just a random sketch in a small doodling notebook I was messin’ with, soon developed into an idea for a manga. Then it evolved into what I thought would become my first graphic novel. Imagine my surprise when it took a serious and philosophical journey of its own and morphed itself into the novel I am currently writing – incidentally, not entitled LAZY BONZ. I plan to do a graphic novel with that title following the book.

I’ve been working solid on my book (no, I will not be revealing the title) now for four months and I’m nearly complete. It is an arduous task; but somehow delightful as well. Actually, it is much more than just a delight…I’m in love with it…that’s it…writing this book is much like falling in love! It has a mysterious and seductive life of its own. Its like a symphony begging to be written after you’ve been hearing its familiar beauty in your head over and over again. Somehow the characters are telling the story to me and I am in love with all of them!


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