I’m Published!

My first novel, Ju’stice, is finally published! You can buy it now on amazon.com or the Kindle Store online. Check out the website at www.justicenovel.wordpress.com

Thanks to all of you who believed in me – NOW GO OUT AND BUY IT!

Also, I’ve already begun Book II, KISSAKI – it will be even more amazing than Ju’stice!

Excerpt from Part 2 of Justice, my 1st novel!

“In the morass of life, what is our human condition? It’s complicated at best and downright sick and disgusting at times. We can’t deny it though; this weight of degradation is inside of us all, if we are honest. I’ve been reading Socrates & Alexander Solzhenitsyn because I believe they struggled with and questioned the same things I am. What is truth? What is justice? Sometimes I think I really have a handle on it, then things happen and it all slips through my grasp like a greasy rope. Are these things that I hold so dear to my heart just vain concepts? Do we conjure up ideals of what we would like to be true and then in our minds design ways in which to support their validity? I hope not; and I do still hope. Even though I have lost another close friend; a fellow comrade in the war for justice, still I hope. I’m not sure why though – if I were to weigh out the pros and cons I’m sure the cons way out weigh the pros; but somehow it doesn’t matter. Maybe it’s because I have others now to be hopeful for. Solzhenitsyn also said,

 ―It is time in the West to defend not so much human rights as human obligations. With this, I cannot disagree. We are so consumed in our modern culture with the plight of human “rights” – but it is usually the people that scream the loudest for them that are least accountable to the well-being of others in society. I don‟t ever want to be like that. However, Solzhenitsyn also made a statement that haunts me all the time given my line of work. He said, ―Violence can only be concealed by a lie, and the lie can only be maintained by violence. Any man who has once proclaimed violence as his method is inevitably forced to take the lie as his principle.”

 That just hits me right in the gut –  POW! Have I been searching for TRUTH through the lying veil of VIOLENCE?

– Ju‘s Journal,© 2009. Christiaan Keaton

November 14, 2011″

short story stint…

Still working on a few more short stories…in the suspense/sci fi genre. I really think I have a knack for this. Here is a little sample/teaser (a taste if you will) of my work…

 Now You See It…    (short story, Halloween style!)

Tell me what you think either in a comment below or to @christiaanck on Twitter.



ninja_avatarMy book is finito, complete, done, a wrap… now I wait for publishing! What a nightmare! I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

My word in all of this is NINTAI, patience in Japanese!

For now, you can keep up with me via Twitter. I have already begun writing Book II!

the beauty of writing…


I’m wrapping up the end of my book! I’m very excited and I hope you will all enjoy it half as much as I enjoyed the journey it took me through. What a wonderful and horrible process writing is: God burdens you with a story and you get to labor out the details…much like giving birth!

Oscar Hammerstein II said, “I know the world is filled with troubles and many injustices. But reality is as beautiful as it is ugly. I think it is just as important to sing about beautiful mornings as it is to talk about slums. I just couldn’t write anything without hope in it.”  

The goal of my writing is to make people talk about the beauty in mornings and sing about slums. If I can do that, then all this hard work will not be in vain and I will feel as if I contributed a small yet significant part in the repairing of the fabric of shalom in this world or in others words, justice!

Love & hugs – ck

my three muses…

mythreemusesThey sit at my desk, atop my printer: Ichigo, Mustang and Edward, “my three muses” – bringing me inspiration, courage and a bit of luck!

first quote…


“Sometimes you need to wait for the rains to stop and the clouds to clear away before you can see all the beauty that they have brought with them.” – Christiaan Keaton © 2009

where did my muse go?

screen copy

Going through a bit of writer’s block – ugggh! I haven’t really experienced this before and I’m so close to the end of my book! It feels like false labor!!! I’ve been bombarded with so much lately that I just don’t know how to sort out my thoughts to make them work to my advantage. And I’ve tried everything – music, staying up late at night when everyone else sleeps, prayer, reading, connecting with nature, etc…the list goes on and on but my writing has ceased!

I think I’ll hang out at the ocean this weekend and meditate on the power and majesty of the waves as God’s tender yet treacherous caress of a fallen world. Love you all – cck

sketching the dream…

What started out as just a random sketch in a small doodling notebook I was messin’ with, soon developed into an idea for a manga. Then it evolved into what I thought would become my first graphic novel. Imagine my surprise when it took a serious and philosophical journey of its own and morphed itself into the novel I am currently writing – incidentally, not entitled LAZY BONZ. I plan to do a graphic novel with that title following the book.

I’ve been working solid on my book (no, I will not be revealing the title) now for four months and I’m nearly complete. It is an arduous task; but somehow delightful as well. Actually, it is much more than just a delight…I’m in love with it…that’s it…writing this book is much like falling in love! It has a mysterious and seductive life of its own. Its like a symphony begging to be written after you’ve been hearing its familiar beauty in your head over and over again. Somehow the characters are telling the story to me and I am in love with all of them!


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